12.15.1986/age 16

      The deepest waters hold the starkest realization.
      The pool seems peaceful and therapeutic; so alive

      so I dive in -- head first.
      I find myself swimming, I swim
      and swim, I forget I need
      food and oxygen
      and I do this rather well, for it is an art.
      I have been sold -- past the exhibition --
      at this auction I hold.

      And for such a small fee.
      Forever is a tiny price when I can be everything.
      How I stand, proud, waiting to be bought.
      But I am past this: now I swim.

      I do not notice how icy these waters are.
      I do not notice when I become frozen.
      And once I thaw and thaw again,
      I can never remember drowning.
      I can never even remember why I started swimming.
      I just lay, comatose, and await
      my next exhibition. Sir John, I'm no more
      than a Times Square whore.

© 1986/2001