hate ~ 3.12.1986/age 16

      I hate this.
      I always hated hatred.

      But I hate.
      I hate this life I'm living;
      this lifeless, loveless life.
      I hate who I am; what I've become.

      I hate this place:
      this day-to-day routine, phony place
      where I must be faceless, void of sadness.
      I hate these people.
      I hate feeling this chill,
      this empty coldness.
      I hate being able only to feel sadness,
      because when I hide it, there is nothing.
      I hate this nothing.
      I'm beginning to hate you, but love and hate are the same.
      And I love you so much, always will
      and that's the only thing I don't hate; and I can't have it.
      I hate this. All of it.

© 1986/2001