three ensnared ~ 1987/age 17

      What an altered vision you seem.

      I have enchanted, yet corrupted you.
      How we differ:
      The truth in my speech is my sword,
      Only your misconceptions defend you.

      How difficult you are to describe,
      yet in the place we reside
      I have stayed for an eternity by comparison.
      Gypsy that I am,
      somehow, you have held me here for longer
      than in any one place I stayed before.

      I have torn at these reins many a time,
      yet you do not loosen your grip.
      I have given myself to you constantly,
      yet you still receive me with wonder.
      I could wander to a thousand other places,
      yet always you will remain here.

      I summon the wildest hurricanes to shake the trees
      yet still you cling to these branches.

© 1987/2001