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Pure As the Driven Slush (Personal Journal)

I don't get it: is this page the journal, or is the whole thing the journal?
Really, calling the journal page alone the journal is a bit of a misnomer: all my life I have chronicled not just with prose nonfiction, but with fiction, with poetry, with music, with visual imagery. So, when it all comes down to it, the entirety of my personal site -- the photos, the fiction, the poetry, the editorial and this personal journal -- IS my journal: it is a multimedia record of my days and what I create with those days.

This particular journal, in this format and at this location, dates back to early 1999, and is archived in full.

Do you get naked in your journal to get more traffic?
No, and if I did, it'd be terribly foolish since I pay for my own bandwidth, and it's mighty costly. Often on the journal page, I sometimes include photos from recent shoots, because shooting photos and creating visual art is part of my daily life, the same way that fiction and poetry may be included because it too, is part of my daily life. The same way that say, including photos of one's child or oneself, or recounting the events of a day is any other diarist's daily life.

How come I can only read a few month's worth of entries OR how come the archive and other parts of the site cost something?
The first part of the answer to that is that creating all of this costs ME something (in my labor and time, in supplies, in bandwidth, etc.), and in order to continue to create it, I need to have a means to pay those costs. But that's actually less important than the fact that, like anyone else, I need to be compensated for the work which I do in order to thrive and because that is part of the give and take of any work, including creative work: I give my readers and viewers material to take in, they supply me with the means to provide it for them. I do not have another day job. Freelance work, this site and my others ( and ARE my job, and I log in more hours of work a week than your average person, and get paid less than your average McDonald's employee by my own choice because this work is important to me. I am a full-time working artist. So, I need to get paid reasonably, and I do my level best to keep my rates as low as I can within reason and supply as much free content as I'm comfortable with.

In addition, most of my photos and fiction are considered adult because they contain nudity, and to comply with web guidelines (and potential laws) about adult material, I need to keep much of that material behind an age-screen, which we can verify (to the best that it can be verified) with a membership payment and a user agreement as a member. I prefer not to have to put an age screen on the entire site or my journal, which is why I am careful about what material I choose to show publicly. It also cuts down on the amount of copyright infringement I have to police. And that's a good thing.

About how many people come to this site each day and read the journal or other sections?
About 3000 unique users daily visit the free areas of my personal site. The current journal entry is read about 800 times on an average day, a bit more than the number of loads for the photo page index.

So, what about you?
What about me? More than you likely ever cared to know is right here. Got other questions? Feel free to post at my message board, or drop the girl a line.

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