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Heather Corinna: Writer - Artist - Sex Activist and Educator

About the photographs and galleries: Full galleries require membership for viewing, and members may enter via the members entrance. Guests may see samples at the photo index & subscribe here.

I attempt with my photographs to merge the erotic -- which may or may not be sexual -- with the artistic, and chose photos and sets to publish for quality, not quantity. You will not find every shot I have taken in a shoot in each gallery, but instead, what I feel are the very best shots I have taken. Photographs vary in approach, tone and genre from series to series: some contain full nudity, others do not. Some are subtle, others are more explicit. Some are conceptual art, others pure cheesecake. Some are fun and sexy, others contain darker or more serious moods. Ultimately, my goal in creating them is to create a very visceral mood, a body of work in each gallery in which every piece is of quality and is original in its approach to eroticism, portraiture and visual art. All of the photos in the site are original and exclusive, not the resold, rehashed content you find at most adult sites. I run the site myself and work for myself, so I'm not part of a virtual bordello, nor is what is found here chosen by anyone but me.

The photographs at this site have been taken by a variety of photographers, some the best in this genre, and are most often taken by myself. Art direction and processing is usually done by myself, as is the modeling. In some series, additional models appear. Guest photographers and models have included:

Membership fees not only pay my bills so I can keep creating original work, but help benefit young adult sex education at, and so I encourage you to subscribe. If you are interested in prints, some are available: contact me via email. For more independent sites like mine, with original content and personable management, take a look at the Femmerotic portal.

Technical Information: For the self-portraits and my own photography work, I currently shoot with a Canon G2 (some of the older photos were produced with an Olympus 3040Z or a Sony Mavica). For self-portraits, I use a handheld remote or timer. I use a diverse array of lighting, I prefer natural light rather than artificial, and shoot with both tripod and handheld. To process and edit photos, I use a stripped-down version of Adobe Photoshop, and try to do a minimum of editing. Some series involve more intricate montage, collage, background and/or foreground overlay and detailing, also usually done with Adobe.

Want to model for me? I'm based in the Seattle area, and I do travel on occasion, so check out my professional portfolio if you're interested. You don't have to look like Kate Moss or Marilyn Monroe: I do diverse, body-positive work, encompassing all shapes, sizes, orientations, genders and colors. All you have to be is comfortable in your own skin and open to collaboration with me (and I'm a peach to work with, I assure you). I'm happy to shoot you solo or with your partners, nude or clothed, and glad to work with you to do what really interests you. Models who shoot work for use on this site will be compensated either with a small fee, or with copies and full use of the photos. I also freelance for those who do not wish to appear on the site but want photographs for their personal use only, as well as for companies such as and On Our Backs. I have done a great deal of body-image work with women recovering from eating disorders and poor body image, and will do that work pro bono if it's local and the model cannot afford studio fees.

Want to photograph me? I don't really model for other photographers anymore, but if you have a great project or idea, that's no reason not to ask me.

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